General conditions of Kayu Group Kft:

This page is part of the used machine sortiment. Please read the terms of delivery mentioned below in order to avoid misunderstandings.

With reference to all offered and sold machines, technical data, description and condition of the machines are without any guarantee. We are not responsible for quantity, quality, measurements, years of construction, and completeness of the descriptions, including errors within the descriptions. Errors do not influence the validity of a concluded purchase. Therefore, we highly recommend our clients to visit the offered machine.

All services not explicitly offered or confirmed within the invoice are services to be provided by the client unless explicitly noted otherwise as part of the delivery. Such services to be provided by the client are: all constructural measures, steel foundations, foundations and other portable constructions, platforms, slides, impact walls, wood covers, stairs, gangways, maintenance gangways etc. as well as disposal systems, extraction systems, electrical cables, isolating material, steering cabins, dust and noise protection systems, tools, sharpening systems, pneumatic supply systems incl. maintenance unit and lines, hydraulic oil and other lubrificants as well as all electrical performances.


Barrier installations necessary for the security of the construction area during the installation period are not part of our service. All barriers have to be installed by the client according to the local regulations. Furthermore, the client has to provide all performances needed to fulfill the local regulations of the professional association (‚Berufsgenossenschaft‘) as well as the specific EU regulations and laws.

Cables and cable ducts from the main distributor to the control cabinet or from the control cabinet to the motors, switches and other peripherical devices as well as routing and connecting of the cables are not part of our performance.

Installation of the necessary infeed/outfeed system for cooling liquids, water and other operating materials are not included in our services. The client has to fulfill all the regulations and laws concerning the protection of the environment.

The lifting equipment (cranes, fork lifts, hydraulic ram lifting etc.) needed for the installation of the machines has to be provided by the client.

Dismantling, assembling, loading, and transport will be charged to the client unless explicitly noted otherwise in the offer. Likewise, expenses for the installers (travel costs, boarding and lodging costs, ‚Auslösekosten‘), also for installers from external companies, will be charged to the client unless otherwise noted.

If the client wishes an introduction to the machine, it will be charged additionally to the client. A separate invoice will be issued for the client after the introduction.

The prices are ‚ex location‘ mentioned in the offer. Bank fees and guarantee fees will be charged to the client. The delivered machines remain property of the seller until full payment. Offers are subject to prior sale even in the case of a downpayment. In the case of delayed acceptance and collection of the machine by the client, we reserve the right to charge demurrage (‚Standgebühr‘) or to annulate the purchase. We do not accept annulation or cancellation by the client because of delayed delivery for diverse reasons.

Modification of the purchase contract by the client after signature of the purchase contract or upon receipt of the invoice or the order are only valid in written form with mutual consent of both contracting parties. Oral agreements are not valid.

Severability clause: Should individual terms mentioned above be invalid, the effectiveness of the other terms is not affected. This is also the case if within a regulation one part is invalid, the other part is valid. The contracting parties should replace the invalid regulation with a regulation which is closest to the business interests of the contracting parties and is in accordance with the other regulations.