The specialist for installations of the WOOD INDUSTRY - Pellets and Briketts as Solutions for Renewable Energy

Our future-oriented Company has specialized in biomass utilization and machine trade for the pellet and briquette industry as well as the wood industry. Due to our concept of eco-sensitive energy supply, we play a leading role in the support of natural combustibles. Represented all over Europe, we are the supplier for clients worldwide.

Kayu Group deals with machines for the wood industry and the fabrication of pellets and briquets. We are the only ones on the market to offer used industrial plants for the production of pellets or briquets. Recycable energy is the key word for the future and for our industry since the consumption is increasing from day to day. Let’s use energy which doesn’t harm our environment - for our future and the future of our children!

Oil and gas are limited, wood, however, is recyclable. That’s why the future lies in recyclable and renewable energy, and we are the partners for the deals with biomass powerplants - machines for the fabrication of those energies like wood pellets, briquets, sewage sludge…

We also plan the installation according to your needs or demands concerning the necessary quantity, capacity etc.

Do you need a complete line or just some machines out of the line? No problem for us! We find the fitting conveyors, dryers, ovens, silos, wet or dry span hammermills, presses, coolers, filling systems and packing systems for you.

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